Thursday, March 23, 2006


Why Convenience Computing

I was asked yesterday why this blog is called Convenience Computing. As some of you may know this blog is a public extracted version of my subscription blog that allows UK businesses to have access to information on up and coming technologies and items which may affect them for reasonable annual fee.

When I started that blog it came out of a talk I had given back in the early 90's about how convergent technologies would lead to much more convenient computing. These convenience computing devices would allow people to work on the move. Back then one of the devices I mentioned was a phone with built in email which could be received instantly wherever people are. That technology exists today in both Blackberry and more recently Microsoft's new push email technologies.

Anyway whilst I was espousing a whole lot of technologies which seem to have come to fruition I also stumbled across a phrase that hadn't been used before 'Convenience Computing' which was a lot easier for people to understand than some of the other terms out there at the time - for example pervasive computing.

So now you know why 'Convenience Computing.'

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