Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Tonight's talk at the Business Club

Thanks very much to everyone who attended. I was really pleased to hear so many positive comments at the end. As promised I will upload my show slides very shortly to http://www.whittakermoore.com/blog.pps Infact they will probably be there by the time you read this.

Some other useful links

The podcast we created is at http://businessclub.podOmatic.com - notice the comment we already received with an offer of help promoting it. The recording with Brian got cut off midstream as my mobile phone signal dropped but it gives you an idea what can be done. With Broadband the quality of recording would have been much higher.

I would like to thank Brian and the Business Club for giving me the opportunity to speak and John for his much appreciated contribution.

All the best Garry

Monday, January 30, 2006


Tuesday night I'm talking at the Business Club in Peterborough

I'm giving a talk on Blogs and Podcasting at the Business Club meeting in Peterborough (actually just down the road in Stilton)

I thought I'd take this opportunity to say just how useful these events are. No matter how big, or small, your organisation is, how long, or short, you have been in business, you will benefit from the exchange of ideas and business knowledge on offer.

From my experience I would say that the opportunities for growth, the peer networking and just an ear to listen to your business needs is exceptionally useful and the joining fee is probably the best marketing money you could spend this year.

Click here for more information on The Business Club

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