Monday, January 30, 2006


Tuesday night I'm talking at the Business Club in Peterborough

I'm giving a talk on Blogs and Podcasting at the Business Club meeting in Peterborough (actually just down the road in Stilton)

I thought I'd take this opportunity to say just how useful these events are. No matter how big, or small, your organisation is, how long, or short, you have been in business, you will benefit from the exchange of ideas and business knowledge on offer.

From my experience I would say that the opportunities for growth, the peer networking and just an ear to listen to your business needs is exceptionally useful and the joining fee is probably the best marketing money you could spend this year.

Click here for more information on The Business Club

It was a pleasure to attend your presentation at the Peterborough Business Club last night. I'm delighted to hear that you were made most welcome by the members; it's certainly a great group to be part of!

Thank-you for making it so interesting and accessible to such a large and diverse audience. You've certainly given me much food for thought!

I'll now be looking for blogs relating to our own product area to contribute to. As briefly mentioned, the M3ASSURED product enables highly effective and affordable monitoring of the IT infrastructure for SME businesses, pre-empting and predicting problems and hence saving considerable time and effort.

I will of course now plan to set up our own business blog very shortly. Thank-you for giving me the pointers, encouragement and inspiration to do so.

With kind regards, Alison.

P.S. If you'd like more information on what we do, please take a look at
Hi Alison

Very pleased you enjoyed it.

I'll certainly take a look at your site
Something I forgot to mention when posting links in comments to make them clickable on blogger you need to use a bit of web code.

Its pretty simple open it with <a href="http://yourwebadress">Your Description<a>

For my site this would be
<a href="">Whittaker Moore<a>
Hi Garry,

That's brilliant, thank-you kindly.

So, with a bit of luck this should link to our site...

Thanks kindly, Alison.
Pleased to help. Yes indeed the link works
It has been a while now since I attended your presentation on Blogs and Podcasts at the Business Club meeting in Stilton and I've only just found the time to delve into this exciting new medium. I now have a business Blog and it really didn't take long at all to set up. I urge all other Business Club members to do the same for their businesses and try posting with links here so as to get the feel for it, just as I have done.

BTW I couldn't make out what "<a" meant until it dawned on me I should type the symbol for "less than" followed by "a".

Thank you for your time Garry. I look forward to more of these great presentations.

Kind regards
Brian Gould
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